Calvin Klein (CK8031S/015)

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Calvin Klein – this American brand has been in the lead for decades. Calvin Klein is known of the high quality, refined and exclusive glasses it offers.

Métal - The eyeglasses frames that are made of metal create a minimalist image.They are light and adjustable nose pads are almost always attached to them for maximum comfort.
Women, Men (unisex) - Universal glasses are perfect for both men and women.
Fullrim - The closed type glasses are strong and durable, because the lenses are covered with metal or plastic frames. This type of frames are recommended for people with high diopters.
Black - Black eyeglasses frames or sunglasses with black lenses are a timeless classic. This is the most popular color of eyeglasses frames / sunglasses.
Marque Calvin Klein
Lenght 135
La taille 57
Largeur 17
Le sexe Women, Men
Matériel Métal
Couleur du cadre Black
Type Fullrim
EAN 750779106389

Calvin Klein (CK8031S/015)