Calvin Klein (CK2150S/714)

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Calvin Klein – this American brand has been in the lead for decades. Calvin Klein is known of the high quality, refined and exclusive glasses it offers.

Métal - The eyeglasses frames that are made of metal create a minimalist image.They are light and adjustable nose pads are almost always attached to them for maximum comfort.
Hommes - Men's glasses are extremely strong, usually the contour lines of such frames are quite straight and with clearly defined corners.
Fullrim - The closed type glasses are strong and durable, because the lenses are covered with metal or plastic frames. This type of frames are recommended for people with high diopters.
Gold - Elegant and refined gold colored eyeglasses frames / sunglasses are a true classic and give the impression of luxury.
Marque Calvin Klein
Lenght 140
La taille 53
Largeur 17
Le sexe Hommes
Matériel Métal
Couleur du cadre Gold
Type Fullrim
EAN 750779109731

Calvin Klein (CK2150S/714)